De Creatione Problemata XXX
Cum summarijs singulorum Problematum, & indice locorum Scripturae, quae hoc opere explicantur.
Amstelodami, typis & sumptibus auctoris, 1635.

Dedicated to David de Wilhelm, dated Amsterdam 16 May 1635; preface and epigram in Latin by Barlaeus; sonnet in Spanish by Himanuel Nehamias, Mosseh Pinto, Jona Abravanel and Daniel Abravanel.
At the end two pages without numbers containing corrected proofs and a poem in Latin by an unknown French physician.

The printer's mark is a socalled magical square, divided into 9 little squares; the consonants have been arranged in such a way that both horizontally as well as vertically the same three Psalm words can be read: Psalm 85 verse 11

156 + 2 pp. 8
Bibl. Ros. 1879G17

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Another edition of this book, with an epigram by Caspar Barlaeus as well, has been bound together with "De Resurrectione Mortuorum".
Amstelodami, prostant apud Joann. Janssonium, 1636.
Bibl.Ros. 20C12