Corrected by Menasseh Ben Israel. Ordered and financed by Hendrik Laurentius.
Title in Latin, and a preface by Menasseh Ben Israel, both in Hebrew and in Latin.
There are also copies without Latin words on the title-page.
Finished 2 Adar 5395 ( = 19 februari 1635).

Four parts, all parts have separate title-pages.
This copy has been bound in a different way, but the original sequence has been maintained
Part I:    [1] 128 ff. (pagination 1 - 128)
Part II:  110 ff. (gepagineerd 147 - 254)
Part III: 115 [1] ff. (pagination 256 - 369)
Part IV: 142 ff. (pagination renewed)
Bibl. Ros. 1892C29

More details: 34 Kb
Another copy in the collection has been bound in the right order.
Bibl. Ros. 1892C30