Amsterdam, Joseph Ben Israel, 5406 (=1646)
Compositor: Ruben bar Eljakim from Mainz am Rhein.
Prefaces by Menasseh Ben Israel and Jacob Juda ben Abraham Leon (Templo), who vocalized the text.
Two parts.
247 pp. 8.
Bibl. Ros. 1899G28

English translation of the prefaces: R.H. Popkin and D.S. Katz, "The Prefaces by Menasseh ben Israel and Jacob Judah Leon Templo to the Vocalized Mishnah (1646)".
In: Jewish-Christian Relations in the Seventeenth Century. Studies and Documents. Edited by J. van den Berg and E.G.E. van der Wall. Dordrecht - Boston - London 1988, p. 151-153.