Hamishah Humshey Torah.
Pentateuch including three Targumim.

Requested by Salomoh ben Jacob en Jacob ben Jehudah Noach ha-Cohen from Naarden.
2 parts. Amsterdam. Menasseh Ben Israel, 5398-5400 ( = 1638-40).

Part I.: 166 ff. 4.
Compositor: Jehudah Leib ben Mordechai Gimpel.

Part II: 291 ff.
Compositors: Jacob bar Tsebi Setzer from Cracow; Abraham bar Tsebi Setzer from Cracow and Jehudah Leib ben Gimpel MaS from Posen.

The pagination of the Haftaroth is continuous, with separate title-pages.
Dated 5398 ( = 1638).

Bibl Ros 19F12.