Sefer 'elim      
Mathematical questions by Zerah ben Nathan and solutions by the author.
Amsterdam: Menasseh Ben Israel, 5388-89 ( = 1628-29).
Inc. Eloel 5388 ( = September 1628).
Fin. 8 Eloel 5389 ( = 27 August 1629).
Approbations by Jehudah Arjeh de Modena, Venice, 10 Menachem 5389 ( = 30 July 1629); Simcha Luzatto, Venice, same date, Nechemja Saraval and Jacob ha-Levi. Table of contents in latin.
82 (Paging not correct) [6] pp. 4.

Ma'yan Ganim         

Answers to the questions and paradoxes of Zerach ben Nathan, by Joseph Solomon Delmedigo.
With mathematical illustrations and illustrations of astronomical instruments and a portrait of the author by W. Delff.
At the verso of the title page a preface by the printer and corrector: Menasseh Ben Israel.
Inc. Eloel 5388 ( = September 1628).
192 [2] pp. (Separate title page).

Bibl.Ros. 19F4

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