Mizmor letodah (Psalm of gratitude)
By David ben Menahem Hacohen.

Rhymed Yiddish version of biblical stories from Genesis to Exodus 22 and four scrolls: Song of Songs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes and Esther.
The text begins: Hört zu un' schweiget still. Merk was ich singen will. Gott dem Herrn zu ehren. Ich will es nicht machen lang... etc.
Nothing is known about the author.

The very rare first Yiddish book printed in Amsterdam. The text in Ashkenazic half-cursive types (the socalled 'waybertaytsh' types); each page surrounded by a decorative border.
Compositors: Reuben bar Elyakim and Joseph ben Alexander of Witzenhausen.
Printed by Elijah Aboab and corrected by Menasseh Ben Israel. [5]404 (=1644).

4°. 64 leaves.

With two title-pages; the second at the beginning of the scrolls (fig. to the right and page 'Title2' to the left).
The first title-page with an introduction on the verso side is lacking in this copy, as well as in the British Library copy.
The last six leaves in facsimile.

Bibl Ros 19F40

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