To his Highnesse The Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland
The Humble Adresses of Menasseh Ben Israel ...
4 ff. + 26 pp. 4
Probably printed in Amsterdam (1651) on the occasion of his visit to England. A second edition, printed in another printing offics, (4 ff. + 23 pp.) has probably been printed in Londen.

The numbers to the left offer the possibility to page through the book:
Introduction: page 2
A Declaration: page 4
How Profitable The Nation of the Jewes are: page 5
How faithfull The Nation of the Jewes are: page 10

Complete but uncorrected text, a first attempt to OCR (proLector 1.20D) a film of mediocre quality.

Bibl Ros 19F5