Sefer Nishmath hayyim.
Libri quattuor de immortalitate animae.
On the immortality of the soul. By Menasseh Ben Israel.

First title in Hebrew.
Text in Hebrew, dedication and table of contents in Latin.
Amstelodami, apud aut. fil. Samuel Ben Israel Abrabanel Sueiro, 1651.
Finished Kislew 5412 (=November-December 1651).
Corrected by Jacob ben Aharon Sasportas, whose commendatory poem in Hebrew is to be found at the end of the book.
176 ff. 4

More details: 136 Kb
Illustration by Salomon Italia (1642): 136 KB
There are two copies with an extra leaf after the title-page with on the recto side a Hebrew eulogy by Dr. Benjamin Musaphia, and on the verso side a Hebrew eulogy by Samuel, son of Dr. Abraham Jessurun de Mercado, and an anonymous Hebrew eulogy in echo-form (Gerbrandus Ansloo).

Also: title-page, dedication to "Ferdinando III Augustissimo Romanorum Inperatori" (3 ff.) and table of contents in Latin (Argumentum operis), 4 ff.
Reprinted: Stettin 5611 (=1851); Leipzig 5622 (=1862) and Warschau 1876.

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