Conciliator sive de convenientia locorum S. Scripturae, quae pugnare inter se videntur
Latin translation of the first part of Menasseh Ben Israels "Conciliador ..." by Dionysius Vossius. Amsterdam 1633.
With a preface by the author and a eulogy in Latin by Dr. Zacutus Lusitanus, dated 31 August 1633.
On the title-page "FRANCOFURTI. Auctoris typis et impensis".
[7] 240 ff. 4
Bibl.Ros. 19F8

There is also an edition with "AMSTELODAMI. Auctoris typis et impensis" on the title-page.
Bibl.Ros. 1891F6

Another edition is:
Menasseh Ben Israel, Primo questionum in Genesis. In Constantinopolus [Amsterdam], ex officina Iohanni Benjamini de Montibus, Anno Domini 1641.
The contents are the same as those of the 1633 edition, but there is no preface.
Bibl.Ros. 1897F35