De Resurrectione Mortuorum Libri III. By Menasseh Ben Israel.
Menasseh Ben Israel: Amstelodami, typis et sumptibus auctoris, 1636.
Dedicated to Laurentius Reael and Albertus Conradus van der Burch, dated Amsterdam 20 februari 1636.

The first book is not only preceded by a table of contents, but also:

  • an epigram (anonymous),
  • an echo-poem in Hebrew by Gerbrandus C. F. Ansloo,
  • an epigram by Ant. Zilius,
  • "Catalogum librorum, qui ab Hebraeis Hispanica lingua conscripti sunt"
  • a letter by Menasseh Ben Israel to Joachim Wickefortius dated 26 February 1636.
  • the table of contents of the third book,
  • a letter by Menasseh Ben Israel to Wilhelmus Nooms,
  • the table of contents of the second book.
352 pp. 8.

Bound together with this book is an edition of "De Creatione Problemata Triginta".
Amstelodami, prostant apud Joann. Janssonium, 1636.
156 + 2 pp. 8.
Bibl.Ros. 20C12

A second edition: De Resurrectione Mortuorum Libri Tres has been printed in Groningen 1676.
This edition has been bound together with two writings on poverty by Fredericus Brecklingius.
Bibl.Ros. 20C13