De Resurrectione Mortuorum Libri Tres
By Menasseh Ben Israel.
  1. De Animae Immortalitate & Corporis Resurrectione contra Zaducaeos.
  2. De Causis Miraculosae Resurrectionis.
  3. De Mundo eorum qui a Mortuis Resurrexerunt.
The first book starts with:
  • a dedication,
  • the table of contents of book I,
  • an anonymous epigram,
  • an epigram by Ant. Zilius,
  • "Catalogum librorum, qui ab Hebraeis Hispanica lingua conscripti sunt"
  • a letter by Menasseh Ben Israel to Joachim Wickefortius dated 26 February 1636.
The second book starts with:
  • a letter by Menasseh Ben Israel to Wilhelmus Nooms,
  • the table of contents of book II.
The third book has no extra preliminaries but ends with an Index rerum et verborum.

Editio secunda.
Groningae: ex officina Aemilii Spinniker, 1676.
Bibl.Ros. 20C13

An earlier edition of this book: De Resurrectione Mortuorum Libri III, has been printed in Amsterdam, 1636.
Bibl.Ros. 20C12

Two writings on poverty by Fredericus Brecklingius have been bound together with the 2nd edition of the book described above. The one manuscript (voorblad) is both an accusation as well as a supplication in order to get help for the poor.
Printed in Freystadt, 1664.
39 pp.
The other is a supplication to the king of Denmark and Norway.
8 pp.