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Gateway to Ovid en APA PsycArticles    APA PsycArticles
Binnen het UvA domein, met uitzondering van het AMC, zijn de volgende 41 tijdschriften van de American Psychological Association, PsycArticles, elektronisch beschikbaar via Ovid.

22 January 2002

Access to all LINK journals Via LINK all journals published by Springer are accessible within the UvA domain.
LINK is organised in 11 Online Libraries with an extensive search facility: Chemical Sciences - Computer Science - Economics - Engineering - Environmental Sciences - Geoscience - Law - Life Sciences - Mathematics - Medicine - Physics and Astronomy.
With 'Online First', articles can be published in electronic form weeks before distribution of the print journal - even before the issue and page numbers have been assigned.
Stay informed with Link Alert.
'Reference linking' allows anyone reading an article online to jump directly to any other online article given in the reference list. In other words, you can go straight to cited articles with just a click or two.
11 January 2002

Gateway to Wiley Publications Online All 389 journals published by Wiley InterScience are accessible within the UvA domain.
The publications are on: Business, Finance & Management - Chemistry - Computer Science - Earth Science - Education - Engineering - Law - Life and Medical Sciences - Mathematics and Statistics - Physics - Psychology.
Registered Users of Wiley InterScience can enjoy a number of custom services as for example a personal home page with Content Alerts, Hot Journals, Hot Articles and Saved Queries. Registration is free of charge.
8 January 2002

Other journals added in January

22 January 2002 9 January 2002

Other changes


The UvA domain includes all PC's in the UvA (PC's of staff and in study centres) and PC's of UvA students and staff who have a dial-up account at the IT Centre.

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