Brandaan: Index
Brandaan contains ten main categories each divided in several subcategories. The amount of subcategories depends on the amount of material available published on the Internet about that certain subject. Because of the large amount of material, not all subcategories are described extensively.

A certain amount of overlap is unavoidable. Some links appear in several subcategories. When a linked site is more relevant for subcategory X and only a little for subcategory Z, it is named only in subcategory X.

Brandaan is still incomplete. Therefore there is a category with links to sites offering the possibility to search further.

A couple of links are marked with two asterisks. These links refer to sites that appear qualitatively better than others.

This page was made by Suzanne Roosen en Arnold Oppelaar
Translated, adapted and updated by Marcia Zuurd
Department of Medieval History, University of Amsterdam.
Last update: may 2001