Erläuterungen zu den einzelnen Historischen Hilfswissenschaften
**A page made by the professor for historical discipline of the University of Bamberg. Per discipline a short explanation, a bibliography and relevant links are given. Only in German.
Historische Hilfswissenschaften/Historische Grundwissenschaften
This is a site about several historical disciplines. In German.
See Sources; Manuscripts
Medieval Archaeology
List with described links concerning archaeology, part of Netserf.
ArchWEB is an electronic archaeological information service on initiative of a number of Dutch archaeological institutions. They offer on their site among other things: Archaeology on the Internet, a further entrance to archaeology on the Internet.

This page was made by Suzanne Roosen en Arnold Oppelaar
Translated, adapted and updated by Marcia Zuurd.
Department of Medieval History, University of Amsterdam.
Last update: may 2001