Classical and late antiquity
Perseus Encyclopedia
This encyclopedia is part of 'The Perseus Project'.
De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
This site offers a chronological survey of Roman and Byzantine emperors. For most of these a biography with short bibliography is given. There are also biographies of family-members, these are accessible via the alphabetic index.
Orb: Late antiquity
Offers literature, a bibliography and links to sources concerning late antiquity (280-630).
Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites
Extensive list of links made by Paul Halshall (maker of 'Medieval Sourcebook').
Middle Ages
NetSERF's Hypertext Medieval Glossary
This is a list of terms in English and Latin, with explanation and reference to the used literature.
Medieval Feminist Index: More Links on Medieval Women
A collection of links concerning women-history.
The ORB Encyclopedia
This contains multiple pages containing different subjects. These pages have a standard division: bibliography, literature, sources and maps. The material offered is mostly own publication supplemented with links.
Geographical places
Dr. J. G. Th. Graesse, Orbis Latinus (Berlin 1909). Offered by: The Electronic Text Service; Columbia University. A new and adapted version (1972) is only available in print.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Maps and Images
Extensive list of modern maps with a historical theme, mostly taken from: Muir's Historical Atlas: Medieval and Modern (London 1911).
Map Collection: Historical Maps of Europe
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection of the University of Texas in Austin offers modern maps with a historical theme, mostly taken from: J.B. Bury ed., Atlas to Freeman's Historical Geography (1903).
History of Cartography
A collection of links to sites about the history of cartography, historical maps and modern maps with a historical theme.
Catholic Encyclopedia
The Catholic Encyclopedia: an International Work of Reference on the Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline and History of the Catholic Church. (New York 1907-1912)
Philosophy, arts and sciences
Netserf: Medieval Philosophy
Mostly about Thomas of Aquinas; some of his works in translation with some literature.
The Camelot Project
This site offers sources, pictures, literature and bibliographies concerning the Arthurian tradition.

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