Classical antiquity
Diotima: Bibliography
**Very extensive bibliography for classical antiquity with a strong emphasis on women history.
Orb: Late Antiquity
Offers literature, a bibliography and links to sources concerning late antiquity (280-630).
The Worlds of Late Antiquity
Limited bibliography for late antiquity of the O'Donnell University of Pennsylvania.
Middle Ages
The ORB Encyclopedia
This contains multiple pages on different subjects. These pages have a standard division: bibliography, literature, sources and maps. The material offered is mostly own publication supplemented with links.
The Labyrinth Library: Bibliographies
This page offers links to various bibliographies concerning the Middle Ages. The bibliographies concern a wide variety of subjects with a slight emphasis on English medieval texts.
Medieval Feminist Index
**This is a very decent bibliography about women in the Middle Ages and related subjects. In a synopsis are clearly shown which volumes and which magazines are used.

 Cathars & Albigensians. A bibliography

Anglo-Saxon History: A Select Bibliography
Anonymous Old English Homilies: A Preliminary Bibliography of Source Studies
The Carolingians an English-Language Bibliography
**An extensive bibliography about the Carolingians and their time.
ORB Online Encyclopedia: Scandinavia and the Northern Seas
Offers a short explanation, a bibliography and an overview of sources concerning Scandinavia.
Medieval History Bibliographies
Links to bibliographies about medieval subjects.

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