Perseus: Texts and Translations
**A large collection of classical literary works in translation and/or original. for many of these texts a search possibility is offered.
The Labyrinth Library: Latin
Offers classical sources, mostly in translation, some also in or only in original.
Gopher: Classical
An old Gopher menu with classical literary texts in translation.
The Bible Gateway
This site offers bibles in many translations.
See alsoConcordances: Bible.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
**Offers a series of translations of curch fathers until 325. These translations date from the second half of the 19th century.
The Labyrinth Library: Latin
Offers among other things works of church fathers, mostly in translation, some also in original.
This site offers many texts of Augustine in Latin and in English translation. There are links to other sites. Also offered is literature about Augustine.
Middle Ages
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
**One of the most extensive source collections on the Internet. Information about the used translation or edition is given with each source.
The Labyrinth Library: Latin
Offers several sources mostly in translation, some also or only in original.
Netserf: Medieval Literature
Offers links to a list sorted on author and a list sorted on title. The links refer to editions and translations.
The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas
English translation (1947) of this work.
Netserf:Medieval Philosophy
Offers mostly texts of Thomas Aquinas and some literature on his works.
The Ecole Initiative
**This site offers links to translations of Judeao-Christian and Islamic sources until 1500.
Women Writers of The Middle Ages
This site offers several translated texts of female writers from the Middle Ages, a biography and some literature.
The Labyrinth Library: French
Offers links to literate texts.
The Labyrinth Library: Iberian
This page offers sources from the Iberian pensula in original and/or translation, partly inside Labyrinth and partly outside of it.
The AARHMS Archive
**Extensive offering of Spanish charters. Offers pictures of some of the charters.
The Labyrinth Library: Italian
Offers links to sources in original and/or translation outside Labyrinth.
The Labyrinth Library: Middle English
An extensive list with links to Middle English sources, mostly literary texts, mostly outside Labyrinth.
The Labyrinth Library: Old English
Offers Old English sources within Labyrinth and offers further references to bibliographies etc.
Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)
Site with information about Middle English literature, both links to literary texts as well as to literature on it.
Corpus of Electronic Texts: Irish
'Irish historical documents in literature history and politics'. A reasonable extensive database with sources in old Irish, Latin, French etc. This site also contains some translations.
Society and law
Netserf: Medieval Law
Offers links to several law sources concerning common law, cannon law, Roman law and literature on it.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
This site offers translations of Christian texts including ones from the Middle Ages.
The Koran
The Koran in English translation with concordance.
British Digital Library
Offers among other things pictures of manuscripts among which: Beowulf, the 'Lindisfarne Gospel', the 'Sforza Hours' and the 'Leonardo da Vinci Notebook'. **Also the Magna Carta can be viewed in both manuscript and transcription.
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
This site offers information about the institution and the collection. Of some manuscripts pictures are offered; see the page 'HMML Manuscript Images'. The links page of 'Electronic Access to Medieval Manuscripts' is also interesting. This offers extensively described links to other manuscript-projects on the Internet.
Labyrinth: Manuscripts, Paleography, Codicology
This page offers a list of links.
Les tres riches heures du duc de Berry
Pictures with short explanations about the work, the maker and the commissioner.
An Eleventh-Century Anlgo-Saxon Glossary from Ms.Brussels, Royal Library 1650: An Edition and Source Study
The Aberdeen Bestiary Project
**Excellent pictures of folio's with transcription and translation. Further an explanation on the genre.

This page was made by Suzanne Roosen en Arnold Oppelaar
Translated, adapted and updated by Marcia Zuurd.
Department of Medieval History, University of Amsterdam.
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