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  De boekhandel pakt uit:
prospectuses, personalia, prints en portraits from the Library of the Royal Book Trade Society (KVB)

From 7 September until 9 November 2001
Exhibition curators: A.Balsem and N.Kool
Design: Lies Ros

Pointing out typography: the Typographic Library at the library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam
From 15 June until 17 August 2001
Exhibition curators: J.Mammen, M.Lommen and K.Gnirrep.

Guilty paper: the attraction of national socialist books in the Netherlands 1921-1945
From 6 April until 1 June 2001
Exhibition curators: G.Groeneveld, F.J.Hoogewoud and L.Koeneman.

Top of the class: prize-books and prize-volumes
From 5 February until 16 March 2001
This collection shows in what subtle ways students at Latin schools (circa 1575-1876)were driven to compete each other in order to obtain a prize-book as the ultimate reward.
Exhibition curators: J.Spoelder, K.Gnirrep and B.Schuytvlot.  

19th-century libraries in the University Library
From 18 September until 18 October 2000.
Exhibition curators: Norbert van den Berg, Kees Gnirrep, Roelof Jansma, Chantal Keijsper and Marja Keyser.  

Jiddische Bücher und Handschriften aus den Niederlanden
From 18 September until 6 October 2000
This exhibition was on view in the Special Collections gallery, which runs between the De la Fontaine Verwey Room via a passageway to the corridor near the Mennonite Reading Room and the Book Trade Room.  

Vice and virtue in Asia
From 14 July until 1 September 2000
Organized by: Ernst van den Boogaart. It focused on a new interpretation of the 'Icones et Habitus Indorum' (1604), the illustrations of the Itinerario by Jan Huygen van Linschoten, with a publication by the Spinhuis/KITLV (ISBN 905518969 x, f 49,50).  

MM Memento Mori; dancing with death
From 10 March until 26 May 2000
Dances of death in print. This exhibition is organized by the University Library in cooperation with the Dutch Society of Antiquarians (NVvA). The exhibition is accompanied by a publication.  

Letter, printer, type; modern typography in the University Library
14 January until 3 March 2000
This exhibition was on view in the Special Collections gallery, which runs between the De la Fontaine Verwey Room via a passageway to the corridor near the Mennonite Reading Room and the Book Trade Room.
Organized by: Gerard Post van der Molen. The accompanying publication will be published by Ammoniet in Leiden.  

Industrial bindings in the Netherlands from 1830 till 1940
24 January until 3 March 2000
Organized by: Marja Keyser. The exhibits are mainly from the Struik collection. A full-colour catalogue has been published by the University Library.  

Medieval drama in the Van Hulthem manuscript
From 12 November until 21 December 1999
Organized by: dr J.A.A.M. Biemans.

To the Health of Mother and Child.
Dutch Midwifery and Gynaecology 1775-1925

20 September - 28 October 1999
Curated by the Work Group on the History of the Dutch Association for Obstetrics and Gynaecology in conjunction with the University Library.

Bram de Does 65; bookdesigns & typefaces
16 July - 26 August 1999
Curated by drs M.M.J.J.P.E. Lommen

The Old Reading Room
9 July - 6 August 1999
The famous artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov will create a work of art called THE OLD READING ROOM in 'De Doelenzaal' of the University Library. This project proceeds from an agreement between the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the University Library.

Jan and Casper Luyken
20 May - 2 July 1999
in conjunction with the Amsterdam Historical Museum. On the occasion of the publication of N. Klaversma en Kiki Hannema, Catalogue of Luyken Books in the Van Eeghen Collection at the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

Vossius: past and future. A great scholar and the conservation of his manuscripts
commemorating the death of Gerard Joannes Vossius in 1649
18 March - 29 April 1999
Curated by dr J.A.A.M. Biemans

Lithography and the book in the nineteenth century [in Dutch]
22 January - 26 February 1999
Curated by mrs M.C. Keyser

The Réveil in print [in Dutch]
23 October - 23 December 1998
The exhibition is held in conjunction with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The only known copy
4 September - 8 October 1998
The exhibition is held on the occasion of the publication of: Paul Valkema Blouw, Typographia Batavia 1541-1600. A Catalogue of books printed in the Netherlands between 1541 and 1600. Nieuwkoop, De Graaf Publishers, 1998.
Hundred works, mostly in Dutch, are on display covering various subjects : popular medicine, astrology and alchemy, fortune-telling, a handbook for notaries, a placard on herring-fishing, and other works on travel and shipping. The largest section concerns theology: various editions of the Bible, the New Testament, and the Psalms, a number of works of the spiritual fathers of the Reformation, such as Luther, Melanchton, Beza, Calvin, as well as representatives of those with quite particular views on theology, like Menno Simons and the Baptists, Dirk Philips, and proponents of a radical reformation, the "arch heretics" David Joris and Hendrik Niclaes.

A child on the way: Pregnancy and childbirth 1898-1998
Een kind op komst. Zwangerschap en bevalling 1898-1998

21 June - 4 October 1998
Organized by the University Museum De Agnietenkapel as part of the commemoration of the National Exhibition on Women's Labour in 1898. How did women experience pregnancy and childbirth, and what developments have there been during the last hundred years? These questions are presented in four themes: sexual education and contraceptives, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.
Exhibition curators: Cora van der Veere en Keimpe Roosjen.

Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598); Patriarch of our Atlas.
12 June - 21 August 1998.
Ortelius is the originator of the first "modern" atlas. The exihibition is held in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of his death, on 20 June 1598 in Antwerp. It focuses on the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (1570), of which the University Library owns many editions, and on 40 maps from the Theatrum.
Exhibition curator: drs Jan Werner.
A catalogue of the exhibition is published by the University Library in collaboration with Canaletto Publishers.

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