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Each month our specialists choose an interesting topic, with relevant internet resources. This month's hotspot is Srebrenica.
2 April 2002

Pica-systems closed during weekend

Due to important changes of the national Pica systems in the weekends of March and April, various library systems will not be available, such as PiCarta, NCC, and ILL.
As soon as we hear from Pica which systems will not be available, we'll let you know via UBAweb (homepage and digital library) on the status bar at the bottom of your screen.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.
1 March 2002

Upgrade of the Citrix client

On 5 April 2002 the present Citrix WinFrame server will be replaced by a new Citrix MetaFrame server.
Because of this you must replace the ICA-client on your PC. You can do this already and still be able to use the databases on the old Citrix WinFrame server.
More information
6 March 2002

logo of Sparc Europe, The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition
The Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam joins SPARC Europe

SPARC Europe is an alliance of European research libraries, library organizations and research institutions that supports increased competition in scientific journal publishing. SPARC Europe will collaborate with the international SPARC organization based in Washington, DC, but will develop Europe-focused initiatives.
SPARC introduces new solutions to scientific journal publishing, facilitates the use of technology to expand access, and partners with publishers that bring top-quality, low-cost research to a greater audience.
For more information: SPARC Europe and SPARC
See also: Digital Production Centre for more information about electronic publishing at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
7 March 2002

Additions to UBAbank

New databases in UBAbank are:

  • Casetrack, a database published by Smith Bernal, containing British and Irish jurisprudence. More info [Dutch].
  • HAPI Online, a searchable web version of the Hispanic American Periodicals Index, the source for worldwide information about Latin America. HAPI Online contains full bibliographic references to articles, book reviews, documents, works of literature, and other material published in over 400 core journals in the social sciences and the humanities. More info [Dutch].
  • Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG), a database of the full-texts of almost all Greek authors from Homer (8th century BC) until the 6th century CE, as well as a large number of texts from the Byzantine era, until 1453 CE. More info [Dutch].
5 February 2002


The acquisition lists of January 2002 are now available.
5 February 2002

New in UBAbank
To UBAbank have been added:

  • Frontline diplomacy: the U.S. Foreign Affairs oral history collection.
    This cd-rom with 893 individual histories can be consulted in the library of the P.C. Hoofthuis.
    More info.
  • BIZON, a bibliographic search tool for Dutch literature, is now accessible in a webversion.
    More info [Dutch].
24 January 2002

logo van de krantenbank met linkNew in UBAbank

The Krantenbank is an online textarchive of six Dutch newspapers: Algemeen Dagblad, De Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, Het Parool and Trouw. The archive contains over two million articles and is daily updated. The archive can be searched online, and you can find articles published the day before.
More info [Dutch].
10 January 2002

New in UBAbank

The following databases have been added to UBAbank

  • Three databases of interest to the medical sciences and related subjects:
  • Electronic version of seven loose-leaf handbooks published by Samsom
    • Leerplicht en schoolverzuim  More info [Dutch]
    • Handboek studie & beroepskeuze begeleiding  More info [Dutch]
    • Handboek studiehuis basisvorming  More info [Dutch]
    • Handboek studiehuis tweede fase  More info [Dutch]
    • Onteigening, eigendomsbeperkingen en kostenverhaal  More info [Dutch]
    • Handboek schoolorganisatie & onderwijsmanagement  More info [Dutch]
    • Wet op het voortgezet onderwijs etc.  More info [Dutch]
  • Two databases which can be consulted in the Bungehuis library:
    • Letteratura italiana Zanichelli  More info [Dutch]
    • Penn-Helsinki parsed corpus of Middle English   More info
OCLC Education Library is no more available.
9 July 2002


Cohen publishers Nijmegen - Arnhem - Amsterdam, 1824-1951
The impressive history of the Cohen publishers is on display at the Amsterdam University library, from 7 December 2001 until 15 February 2002. This exhibition coincides with the publication of a book by the same name (ISBN 90 6125 1141) by Esther Z.R. Cohen (deceased 1998) and Marja Keyser (Amsterdam University library).
4 December 2001


Last modified: 9 July 2002
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