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Hot Spot: The Euro  

The Dutch guilder is (almost) dead, long live the euro! On 31 December 1998 the official conversion rate between euro and guilder has been fixed (1 euro = ƒ 2,20371; 1 guilder = 0,45378 euro) and from the 1st of January onwards banks and stock exchanges deal in euro's in stead of guilders. For ordinary Dutchmen the real transfer will be after 1 January 2002 when euro coins and notes will be introduced.
All relevant information about the euro can be found on the official EURO-site of the European Union and the website of the Dutch National forum on the introduction of the euro.
Captain Euro explains in his own way the consequences of the introduction of the euro for the European citizen.


Last modified: 5 January 1999   Golden oldies
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