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Hot Spot: Y2K  

Time's getting short...! is the ominous message on the website of the Millennium Platform.
Another 183 days to go, a mere 132 working days (counting from 1 July), and then the new millennium is there. By now no one can say that he has not been warned. For all kinds of fields specific information is available, for example for government, and the energy, health and transport sectors.
Moreover, a lot of general information is available, for instance on Rick Companje's The Millennium Problem or on the site of the International Y2K Cooperation Center.
A survey of millennium-proof products (over 2000) is offered by the Federatie Het Instrument.

Naturally, the Universiteit van Amsterdam could not stay behind and is also offering relevant information via the web.


Last modified: 1 July 1999   Golden oldies
Editor: Bert Zeeman

"Wordt u ook zo moe van al die spookverhalen rond het milleniumprobleem?".....