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Hot Spot: Kosovo  

Over a month ago NATO started Operation Allied Force, the operation meant to stop the process of ethnic cleansing in Kosova. However, as a direct consequence of NATO bombings Serbian forces intensified their efforts to oust all Kosova-Albanians to Macedonia and Albania. NATO's fiftieth anniversary was therefore celebrated in sober fashion.

The battle for Kosova is not only fought on the ground and in the air, but on the Internet as well. All parties involved are markedly present: the federal government of Yugoslavia and its Ministry of Information; the Kosova liberation movement UCK; other opposition forces in Yugoslavia itself, such as the broadcasting station B92 and the movement for a Free Serbia; NATO ofcourse and the United States government, but also the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Kosova is also at the centre of attention in the current World Press Photo-exhibition in De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, for instance as world press photo of the year 1998.


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