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Goodbye guilder! Hello Euro!

Fantasy coin inspired by the euro with a portret of Máxima Zorreguieta and text: Maxima Koningin der Nederlanden 2002

One more month and then Europe faces the greatest monetary change in years: the actual introduction of the Euro as legal tender in twelve European countries, followed by the marks, pesetas, guilders, lires, escudos, etc. being taken out of circulation.

All information about the introduction can be found on the national Euro site, at De Nederlandsche Bank and at the European Central Bank. At the Royal Dutch Mint you will find everything about the production of Euro coins in the Netherlands.

To commemorate the demise of the guilder there has been brought into circulation not only a farewell guilder, but also a golden guilder, as well as the first 'minted' stamp. Moreover, exhibitions have been put on, such as the ones in Venlo and Maastricht. And don't forget to have a look at the Euro startpage.


Last modified: 4 December 2001   Golden oldies
Editor: Bert Zeeman

The guilder is dead,
long live the Euro!