Menasseh: klein portret   

Menasseh Ben Israel

Autographic letters

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Amsterdam University Library has in its collection six autographic letters by Menasseh Ben Israel written in the Spanish language. One of them is addressed to Gerardus Joannis Vossius, dated 4th June 1638. Four of them are addressed to his son, Isaac Vossius, and one to Hugo Grotius, dated 25th December 1638. The full text and an image of the original can be found on this cd-rom. The letters are in two resolutions.

Text of the letters dated:image of the originaladdress
4th June 1638169 Kb and 180 Kb and 129 Kb336 Kb and 357 Kb and 278 Kb
25th December 1638161 Kb and 177 Kb344 Kb and 363 Kb
10th January 1651161 Kb540 Kb84 Kb
10th March 1651183 Kb and 172 Kb371 Kb and 357 Kb98 Kb
2nd February 1652129 Kb469 Kb99 Kb
8th February 1655229 Kb633 Kb92 Kb

The wax seal Menasseh used resembles his printer's mark.